2611 foreign investors have became Turkish citizens in one year

2611 foreign investors have became Turkish citizens in one year. According to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs Population and Citizenship Affairs Department, 2,611 foreign investors have obtained the Turkish Citizenship during the last year since the application of the amendments on the Turkish Citizenship Law.

The Iraqis headed the list of the foreign investors who became Turkish citizens. Also, foreign investors from many countries took advantage of this right from the USA to Russia, from Canada to the Dominican Republic, and from Brazil to the Union of Comoros.

There has also been an increase in the interest in obtaining the Turkish citizenship through housing purchasing and other investments. 2,611 foreign investors have become Turkish citizens in a one-year period since the changes were implemented until the 19th of September this year.

The number of foreign investors who have become Turkish citizens, together with their families, reaches 9,962. While the number of foreign investors who applied for the Turkish citizenship during the period in question was 3,859, together with their family members it reached 14,876. 2611 foreign investors have became Turkish citizens in one year, other countries which are among the top winners of the right to obtain Turkish citizenship are Palestine (170 investors), Egypt (110 investors), Libya (66 investors), Lebanon (44 investors), Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation with Saudi Arabia (29 investors), Azerbaijan (28 investors), Pakistan (26 investors), Sudan (24 investors), Russia (22 investors), Algeria (21 investors) and USA (19 investors).

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