All Legal Process To Real Estate

We’re now following for you all legal process related to real estate that you will buy in Turkey

Important notes you need to know about all legal process To Real Estate when buying property in Turkey :

  • For ongoing under construction projects we firstly check their credibility and construction permit before we make any agreements with them.
  • For ongoing under construction projects, before we advice you to buy we check the Construction company have the ability to fully complete the construction on time, so to make sure of that, we check whether the construction company has a guarantor bank to support it or not.
  • We ensure that the preliminary sales contract is legally notarized and everything is clear or not.
  • Legal department on our company is closely checking every contracts before you give your sign on it, and require any changes that clash with your interests.

Big Property Agency organize the process of the delivery of property you bought in Turkey and delivery  transactions.

While you are receiving your apartment our staff will always be beside you give you technical support by checking the apartment and identifies if there is any missing points on it and then give you a feedback about it.

And More, After you get your Real Estate unit, Big Property Agency will follow up any important matters such as, earthquake payments, insurance payments, and Real Estate tax payments and always will informed about this.

All Legal Process To Real Estate

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