Apartments in Istanbul with sea views

Apartments in Istanbul with sea views

The city of Istanbul is one of the most important cities characterized by its natural and picturesque scenery, whether through the forests that surround some of its areas or through the archaeological and tourist attractions that embrace it, or through its seas and splendor, and certainly will not forget to mention the Bosphorus Strait, which is considered One of the most important landmarks in Istanbul here you can find a lot of Apartments in Istanbul with sea views .

Features of Sea View Apartments:

  • Suitable for family housing or leasing.
  • It has a magnificent view and is surrounded by stunning views.
  • Enjoy calm and fresh air.

If you are an investor and want to own a property in Istanbul, there are many projects that meet your desires and needs, and if you want them for housing, there are a lot of real estate that the owner works to provide decent life for Kantiha at affordable prices and modern offers and simple ways to pay.

Stages of buying property in Turkey:

  • The buyer is contacted by the real estate company and the call center employee offers offers and projects that suit the request of the buyer and the budget that suits him.
  • The company receives the buyer from the airport and is delivered to his residence in the company car.
  • Then the sales officer of the real estate company organizes a tour to see the buyer that had initially admired it before coming, and during the tour are presented other projects suitable for the buyer, and of course the sales officer gives the buyer advice and advice.
  • After the buyer chooses the appropriate apartment, a contract is signed between him and the owner company. Here we can enter the company’s lawyer to verify the proofs by the real estate company.
  • After the contract is signed by the buyer and the seller, the buyer pays an amount to the owner company to reserve the apartment in his name.
Required documents to buy property in Istanbul:
  • Copy of the buyer’s passport.
  • Two recent photographs of the buyer.
  • Copy of the title deed of the seller of the property sold, which will be transferred to the buyer later.
  • The tax number of the buyer.
  • Other documents will be processed by the real estate company.

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