Attorney Power

Attorney Power

Even when buyers are not in Turkey, authorising a proxy to carry out operations and to continue the procedures is important as well as for the rapid progress of the procedures in turkey, Attorney Power transactions are in the notary office in Turkey and there are examples of Attorney Power in the format we prepared for each subject.

The important point that you need to pay attention about in the Power of Attorney is the purchasing Attorney Power, for example If you give power of attorney  to make sales, you may stay in a difficult situation!

Attorney Powerthe proxy will carry out the transactions entirely on the behalf of the purchaser.

The advantages of  proxy acting are listed below

  1. to accelerate application process during the title deed process.
  2. No need to pay the interpreter fee for the translation requirement.
  3. If you left Turkey, operations will continues as if you’re in Turkey..
  4. Provides advantage of speeding up notarial contract signing.
  5. to get Receipt of securities in case of making payments and signing of installment options in case of instalment payment plan.
  6. Credit follow-up for customers that using credit..
  7. Renting the house you bought.
  8. Makes Subscription transactions on your behalf.


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