Basaksehir Continues to Be Good Choice for Property Investment: Here Is Why

Bahcesehir Real Estate Market Information: The project is located in Bahcesehir Region. Bahcesehir is considered one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, where you feel that you are in a different than Istanbul. Houses in Bahcesehir are characterized by many surround it is buildings and that reflects a beautiful view in the area.

Bahcesehir Apartmens Location:  The area is located on the E80 road, which is one of the most important main roads in Istanbul, where you can go to Basaksehir and Sparta Kule region, in addition to that a new metro line is under construction and will be linking with Mahmutbey and Esenyurt region, and this will increase the value of the property in the future.

Bahcesehir Properties Term in Services and life facilities: There are many services and parks available in Bahcesehir, as they are characterized by the presence of many gardens and trees, and in terms of services, it is distinguished by Akbati Mall, which is known for its famous international and local brands and is considered as one of the most Preferred places to Arab for shopping.

Most Famous Apartments for sale Bahcesehir İstanbul Turkey: Garanti Koza, Ak Koza, Koza Park, Crown Deluxe Residence, Nlive, Parkcity Evleri, Akzirva Strada, Sofa,Vaditepe, Nissa 02 Residence, Gol Panorama, Referans Bahcesehir, Strada.

Demographic Situation of Bahcesehir İstanbul: Bahcesehir is an area with a great Real estate Projects and prestige Villas and houses. It is characterised by its skyscraper buildings like Garanti Koza Project and Koza Park. When you are in Bahcesehir you fell you are in a different city the villas there are different and you can see a lot of trees surrounds the building there.

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