What is the best area for housing and investment in Istanbul?

What is the best area for housing and investment in Istanbul?

What is the best area for housing and investment in Istanbul? here in this article we are going to answer that question,

Istanbul is a large city that stretches between the Asian and European continents. It is a historical city that was the seat of the Ottoman Caliphate, which ruled large parts of the world for 400 years.

Istanbul has many components that make it a kiss for those who want to live and invest from all over the world.

– The strategic geographical location between the continents of Europe and Asia and between the Sea of ​​Marmara, the Black Sea and the Bosphorus.

– Istanbul has the largest airport in the world in addition to another airport in the Asian section and a third reserve airport.

– Turkey’s Property prices are much lower compared to Europe.

– Living in Turkey is significantly cheaper than European countries.

– Tourism in Turkey is a major source of national income and the presence of tourists in itself is a major factor in stimulating the country and investing in tourist apartments for rental or in hotels and obtaining hotel apartments.

– Turkish universities with high quality education and prices are much lower than those in Europe, so Turkish universities are a haven for many students from all over the world, and this means an increasing demand for student housing and rent apartments near universities.

– The Turkish real estate market, especially in Istanbul is one of the most active sectors at all and therefore whatever the investor buys real estate when he returns the following year finds new options worth investing.

For the regions of Istanbul, each region has different features from other regions and once you tell our real estate adviser about your application accurately it will guide you to the area appropriate for your application accurately in terms of:

  • Do you want permanent housing, summer vacations or investment?
  • What is your approximate budget for this application?
  • Do you have preferences such as sea view, city center or forest view?
  • What is the size of the apartment you want to buy and how many rooms consists?
  • Do you want a real estate ready to live immediately or under construction?

By adequately answering the questions of the real estate adviser, you ensure that you get a suitable property for you in the right area in order to get excellent housing or a profitable investment.

Sometimes your application is not compatible with your budget, the real estate adviser will advise you to raise your budget or choose another area that suits your current budget. Thanks to our relationships in the real estate market we offer you the best possible price for this property you have chosen.


Now we will talk about some areas of Istanbul and the advantage of each region separately

1- Maslak area

Located within the European Istanbul to the left of the Bosphorus in the north, a quiet and clean area near the Belgrade forests and therefore the atmosphere is the best ever in the European Istanbul, a modern area that includes luxury buildings and centers for large companies and banks, real estate for those with high budget but worth it To find out more about Maslak, contact us.

2- Bebek area



Bebek area is a direct view of the Bosphorus in the European section of Istanbul and includes luxury villas, palaces and houses with Bosphorus views and is intended for the rich to spend the summer holidays in it is an ideal place for daily life also for people with high income and high budget as well

3- Sisli area



Sisli located in the center of Istanbul European side, it is above to Taksim area and under Maslak area which is a very vital that includes many shopping malls, state service centers and luxury residential and investment complexes. Şişli metro and metrobus stations ( link between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul and has a private road and doesn’t affected by traffic congestion) in addition to many buses that reach all areas of Istanbul.

Real estate investment in the projects under construction is very important in the Sisli region because it is a region with high demand and the number of projects under construction is less than the rest of the regions.

4- Zeytinburnu area



Located in the center of old European Istanbul near Fatih and Topkapi, it has two sections:

+ Section of old buildings in the center of the center

+ Modern buildings with charming sea views which includes several projects ready and under construction for high-budget owners who want luxury life in the center of Istanbul or who want to spend special summer holidays

Zeytinburnu also has two metro lines, a tramway line and a metrobus line that passes through it and is therefore one of the most serviced areas in the transport sector.

5 – Avcilar area



Moving a little away from the city center and heading west to get real estate with medium-sized budgets suitable for investors of the second category we move to the Avcilar area, an area bordered by the Sea of ​​Marmara from the south and Lake Kucukcekmece from the north, which includes the University of Istanbul and passes the metrobus line, a vital and tourist area, but at the same time practical and appropriate For housing and investment.

6- Basaksehir area



It is an area far from the sea, but it is characterized by being a modern area with many services and enjoy the fresh air due to the vast green spaces in it. And includes many successful family residential complexes with distinction. It is considered one of the closest suburbs on the center of Istanbul. In Europe and also the largest botanical garden in addition to a number of luxury shopping malls in the forefront of the Mall of Istanbul goes without definition.

7 – Bahcesehir area



In Turkish, it means a garden city due to its large green areas, a quiet and clearly emerging area and an extension of Basaksehir. It is also the closest area to Istanbul’s new largest airport in the world.

Bahçeşehir district is characterized by calm and fresh air because of its low population density. Bahçeşehir is an ideal area for summer holidays and it is also the property prices are classified from medium and low budgets. Therefore most investors recommending it.

8- Beylikdüzü area



It is an extension of the Avcilar area on the coast of the Marmara Sea, a quiet and rising area that is relatively far from the city center but thanks to its metrobus, now anyone can reach Istanbul Sisli from Beylikdüzü in just 45 minutes.

Marmara Park Mall has the most famous in Beylikdüzü, although it belongs to Esenyurt, which we will talk about later.

Prices in Beylikdüzü are classified as suitable for medium and low budgets, an area with a clean, calm and special atmosphere as we approach the coast of the Marmara Sea.

The Marina at Beylikdüzü Taxi is also another option which enables us to reach the center of Istanbul in 30 minutes while enjoying a wonderful cruise.

The projects under construction in Beylikdüzü are of great importance because they are a very promising area in the field of real estate investment. Investors can buy property with sea views now in Beylikdüzü and get profits up to 40% of the total price of the property upon delivery of the project after one and a half years. right Now .

9- Esenyurt area



Is located on the north of Beylikdüzü, and its mainly divided into two parts:

  • A section with popular residential neighborhoods that are densely populated, which the level of safety is not high
  • A section that includes luxury, upscale and safe residential complexes suitable for families.

Esenyurt in the upscale section includes a lot of shops, restaurants and Arabic cafes that bring together the different cultures that exist,

Esenyurt area is classified as suitable for the low budget as it is possible to get a two-room property and a lounge at very reasonable prices.

For more details about this or other areas please contact our team by sending a message.

10- Buyukcekmece area



After Beylikdüzü area we reach a large lake called Buyukcekmece and then Buyukcekmece area which is famous for its villas with views of the lake or the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Büyükçekmece is a very quiet and sparsely populated area and the prices of real estate and even villas are low compared with the rest of the areas we talked about, however the only problem here is transportation there is no Metrobus and no Metro, there are only public and private buses to transport passengers,

If you are looking for a villa to spend a special holiday with your large family, this place is best for you at all if your budget is low,

We can not collect all information about all areas of Istanbul in one article but we would like to give you a simple profile only.

For more information or to inquire about any real estate or any area you just contact with our specialized team who will answer your inquiries in full way.

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