Best project with sea view in Istanbul

Best project with sea view in Istanbul

If you love the luxury , tranquility and enjoy the landscapes, especially the sea in Istanbul, you are now reading about the best project with full sea view in Istanbul , exactly in  the Zeytinburnu district.


The View

Property options in Istanbul vary according to the requirements of the client but when the client request is a spacious house with panoramic sea view directly in the center of Istanbul we are already talking about the Zeytinburnu area with a sea view of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the beginning of the Bosphorus with the presence of anchored and moving ships that make the view a changing painting So don’t bother the dweller in this wonderful place.



In this special project there is no longer any need to go to the sea for a picnic, because your private balcony overlooking the direct and complete sea view you can in this project to do a picnic at home with your children and your family in full privacy and comfort.



Property Inside

In order to complete the luxury in this project we have not only chosen the best site at all, but we have selected the finest materials during the construction and cladding, and because our customers are the most important thing we have selected thousands of technical touches and placed in every corner of this distinctive project.

The wooden floor is of the best quality ever, and the spacious spaces to make you feel  luxurious life have been taken into account in each room of these luxury homes.



In the kitchen the best types of ornate marble were chosen to ensure the durability and aesthetics of the place, and the choice of automatic stop storage very high efficiency, and it is worth mentioning that this project is the only one that is the delivery of all electrical appliances with him free of charge, fridge, oven and microwave in addition to the washing machine and clothes dryer .



Bedroom with wardrobe with a total area of ​​more than 50 square meters which is an apartment area full of room and lounge in other projects, we chose it because we believe that the prerequisite for luxury with spacious spaces.

Even the bedroom decorations are included in the delivery of the apartments, you do not need to add any decorations because we have prepared everything for you and for the happiness of your family.



Look after the luxury did not stop us in the rooms and corridors, but we moved beyond that and we paid attention to the bathrooms to the furthest point and made it the most luxurious of the five-star hotel baths


Project Facilities

Life in this project means that you are on vacation for 365 days a year. Enjoying green spaces and clean air breezes is an essential part of your daily life from now on,



Your children are the most precious things you have, so they are the most precious things we have.



The exterior design is no less luxurious than the interior design, our standards never compromise. The proof of our words is the presence of a 5-star hotel next to the residential buildings of our project has chosen the same exterior design because of its luxury and conformity with international quality standards.




Are you still hesitant to choose the most luxurious house in Istanbul with a sea view?

We are waiting for you in Istanbul to take you on a tour to the best project ever with sea views


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