Buy Real Estate Turkey $250.000 Get Turkish Citizenship

Buy Real Estate Turkey $250.000 Get Turkish Citizenship

With the regulations made in 2018, it now it became very easy to get Turkish citizenship. Under the new law, foreigners who have real estate worth at least US $ 250,000 can become Turkish citizens as well as their spouses and children.

First of all, the person who wants to become a Turkish citizen has to buy real estate worth 250.000 American Dollars (USD).

Here are the steps to be taken:


Property worth at least US $ 250,000 must be purchased. At the time of purchase of real estate, an annotation ‘should not be sold for 3 years’ should be menioned in the title deed.

If there is no annotation in the title deed of this property, a title deed with the phrase (Under the Article 20 of the Implementing Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, there is a commitment that it will not be sold within 3 years from the date of acquisition.) and  by Referring to the General Directorate of Cadastre, 3 years will not be selled annotation should be placed.

Instead of the US dollar demanded as a monetary condition, foreign money exchange or Turkish Lira equivalent to the same value is sufficient for the realization of this requirement.

buy real estate in turkey


  1. firstly application should be made to the land registry offices in order for the foreign persons to be able to be a real estate owner in turkey.
  2. The day for the transfer of the property is determined after the preliminary application.
  3. The application documents must be ready on the appointed day.

Application Documents needed for real estate purchase in Turkey:

  1. Certificate of title deed of the real estate.
  2. The passport of the buyer and the photocopy (with an approved Turkish translation).
  3. (Real Estate Fair Value Certificate) will be taken from the municipality where the property is located.
  4. Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for housing and workplaces.
  5. 1 picture of the seller (white background, biometric).
  6. 2 photographs of the buyer (white- background, biometric).
  7. a sworn translator If the foreigner does not speak Turkish.
  8. Original or certified copy of the power of attorney if the transfer process are made by a proxy (approved Turkish translation if arranged abroad).


In order to cover the process of completion of the citizenship application process, a residence permit must be obtained as well through the real estate.

In other words, a short-term residence permit must be obtained after the real esate is purchased (6458-31 / J).

The documents required to obtain a residence permit after becoming a real estate owner are listed below:

Documents Required for a Short-Term Residence Permit:

  • Residence Permit Application Form [must be signed by the foreigner and / or legal representative (to be filled in by our visa specialists.)
  • Original and photocopy of passport or substitute document for 60 days longer than the requested residence permit period (pages that have been processed with the ID information and page where the photo was found).
  • 4 photos (taken within the last 6 months, the background must be white and biometric.)
  • Declaration of sufficient and regular financial conditions during the staying time (Declared in the Application Form. Administration may request supporting documents).
  • Valid health insurance [The insurance period should cover the duration of the residence permit requested (health insurance policy will be issued by our visa experts.)
  • receipt for the card fees payment and fees paid to the government. (It is paid by our visa specialists on behalf of the applicant.) (Fees and card fees vary depending on the nationality of the foreigner.)
  • The official, e-signed / signed and sealed / stamped document (Title deed) indicating that the property belongs to the person.

for residence permit applications, the foreigner must be logged in to Turkey. This entry can be made by visa or visa exemption. Applications are made to the Directorate General of Migration Management with the necessary documents. Turkish citizenship will be applied at the time of residence permit is obtained.


in order to benefit from this regulation, to determine the amount of USD 250,000 mentioned in the applications for the acquisition through the sale of the real estate, by appliying to one of the CMB’s Valuation Companies, a valuation expert with a valid license approved by the Capital Market Board, shows the market value of the real estate ‘Real Estate Valuation Report must be obtained’.

During the CMB expert valuation, current exchange rate and – or cross foreign exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBT) on the date of detection of transaction is considered. .


 Other required documents should be provided. If power of attorney is given to the lawyer regarding to necessary documents, it will be provided through the lawyer, if not given, it should be provided by the foreign person. In the case of documents that cannot be provided by a lawyer, the person must provide his / her self. documents to be provided for the purpose of acquisition of Turkish citizenship by the acquisition of real estate, are listed as follows:

  1. Application form
  2. 2 pictures (white-background and biometric)
  3. Passport (and notarized Turkish translation)
  4. A document showing the applicant’s identity information (such as birth certificate, population registration certificate).
  5. Health report
  6. If the applicant is a relative of the first or second degree Turkish citizen, this population registration sample.
  7. A document showing the marital status of the applicant.
  8. A marriage certificate if the applicant is married, an example of a registration document showing his wife and children.
  9. If the applicant is divorced, document proves this. if a widow, document proves the death.
  10. If the child under the age of 18, who is in the custody of the applicant, is also required to acquire Turkish citizenship, the consent of the other parent and duly certified Turkish translation issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin , at a notary in turkey or if abroad, foreign representation.
  11. only year of birth of the applicant is known, and if the month and day are unknown, a document from his-her country should be received to add these dates.
  12. A receipt showing that the service fee is paid to the finance depositary.

turkish citizenship


In order to obtain the exceptional Turkish citizenship, application is made with the necessary documents to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. The application documents required to complete the application of Turkish Citizenship smoothly, must be completed fully and accurately.

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