The Cheapest Housing Projects

The Cheapest Housing Projects you can find them in Istanbul which is the largest city in Turkey stands out as the richest one in the country in terms of housing projects. This city, where nearly 20 million people live, continues to prosper with housing projects constructed in the recent years and urban renewal projects.

According to the real estate index, the district of Istanbul with the cheapest unit price per square meter in the last 12 months is Esenyurt. Therefore, Esenyurt has housing projects with an average unit price of 2095 per square meter.

Esenyurt, where people from different cultures live, is one of the first districts that comes to mind when talking about the cheapest housing projects in Istanbul.

If you wish to move away from the center of Istanbul and to stay in a good house, here in this district you can find many prestigious housing projects.
As we mentioned above, you can buy a house in Esenyurt for a good price because of its low real estate index.


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