Consult a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey – Part 1

Turkey is an energetic country with great geographic importance to mediate between continents of the world and also has a long history and successive civilizations spanning hundreds of years, in this article we will how to Consult a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey – Part 1.

Also the Turkish economy is growing and Turkey is a developed and distinguished country in many sectors including tourism, physical therapy and real estate.

The real estate sector in Turkey, especially in the last ten years, has emerged so dramatically that any investor considering buying a property outside his country must have placed Turkey on its list of options.


But why a property in Turkey?

In addition to the importance of Turkey in terms of economy and geographical location climate in this country is moderate and very suitable for summer holidays and even in the winter there are many distinct places can be visited, so we find the tourism season is extended throughout the year, although in summer it is more intense.

  1. Property prices in Turkey are much lower compared to real estate prices in neighboring European countries and the quality of construction is high and the services associated with residential complexes are diverse and suitable for all family members.

3 – Turkish universities are distinctive, which makes them a kiss for students from all over the world and these students need for university accommodation constantly, making renting apartments for students in particular the entire sector itself benefits many investors in the field of Turkish real estate.

4 – The transport network in Turkey is good and if we talk about Istanbul, it is very excellent it includes large and small buses in addition to metro and tram lines and also in Istanbul means of transport called Metrobus which is a long buses have a dedicated road running around the clock, no matter how heavy congestion in hours Peak means the Metrobus has its own dedicated route and enables you to reach the city center from anywhere in Istanbul within 30 minutes.

  1. Living in Turkey is much cheaper compared to neighboring European countries and the average per capita income is also good.

6 – Many of the tourist and recreational places are free of charge on the coasts of the sea and forests and valleys and all services are free and this is not found in many countries around the world.

Talking about the advantages of life and investing in Turkey is far too long to be presented in this article here but now we would like to move on to the main topic of consulting a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey.

The Internet age has made it easier to get a lot of information in a short time. This is true and undeniable, but when we get to a subtle topic like real estate consultancy, we will not get an adequate answer that will make our real estate investment safe and sound.

The Internet is a double-edged sword. While a single search can get millions of results, you cannot be sure of any of these results. There is not a single result in which you have all the information you want on a precise and detailed subject, such as buying a property in Istanbul.

From here came the idea of ​​real estate and consulting companies to help the client to choose the most suitable property for him and provide him with detailed information and full services before, during and after the sale.

It is worth mentioning that the services of real estate companies are free for the buyer ie no commission is charged by the buyer but the commissions of real estate companies are charged by the construction companies. This means that the buyer who buys himself from the construction company in fact does not get a better price than the prices of companies. However, the purchase price made by this client is not safe and legally guaranteed. We will talk about the points that make consulting the real estate company important in detail:

1- Choosing the right property

We also said that the information is widely available on the Internet, but this information is not organized and arranged, and the client even if he was a resident in Turkey, it is difficult for them to capture the huge amount of information in the field of real estate.

Hundreds of ready-made projects in Istanbul and hundreds of projects under construction, offers many and tempting, but of course, no one can show the truth of these offers and the credibility of these projects only someone with a long-term knowledge and accurate follow-up all the news of construction companies, and has a briefing on the history of these companies whether they deliver There are a lot of things you should be aware of before you buy a property in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, the real estate consultant exists to Diem services you always.

Returning to the idea of ​​choosing the right property often the information that reaches the client or investor is incorrect. For example, if the client’s request for a house for summer holidays in Istanbul, many times according to our experience come to us customers ask for a house for summer holidays in the city center, the city center is a place full of areas Tourist and historical and modern markets this does not make it a suitable place to buy a property in Istanbul for summer holidays, prices in the city center are high compared to areas far from the center, there are homes with sea views in Istanbul and other views of the forest Calm and fresh air throughout the year, such options are an initial step better than the main city center, which is light and the division of areas and around.

Our real estate adviser is experienced in all areas of Istanbul and is able to give you the best advice after studying your request and your budget carefully.

Remember that the services of a real estate consultant are completely free.


2- Property prices in Turkey

Perhaps the subject of real estate prices is the most worrying customer when buying and ask himself whether you got the right price or was there a better price for the same property??

In fact, to answer this question we say: Construction companies when you create any project you make a price list for each type of apartments in this project

These prices vary depending on the styles and in any floor of the house and any destination, but this list of prices fixed, the next step builders give this price list to the real estate marketing companies, which in turn offer these prices to customers directly and therefore the prices of real estate marketing companies are supposed to be fixed Based on price lists provided by construction companies.

The commission of the marketing companies at the sale is taken from the construction company and not from the client.

Here will emerge an important question already by the client is that the offers received by several different companies at prices for the same projects sometimes, how to explain it?

Unfortunately, some of the emerging real estate companies not experienced in the Turkish real estate market resort to deceive the customer and provide unrealistic prices for him and when the client comes to buy the property he liked surprised that the price of the property is completely different from the price that was sent to him before.

Therefore, as a real estate company with more than 12 years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, we have hundreds of satisfied customers. We advise you to pay attention to these fake offers and deal with professional companies capable of providing the right advice that you really need.

3 – Real estate consulting company relations

Our long experience in the Turkish real estate market and as a result of hundreds of satisfied customers with our services fully and our knowledge of the history of the construction companies in full will be able to prejudge each project created based on our experience whether it will be delivered in time or not and whether the specifications that will be delivered to the project In addition to our knowledge about the history of construction companies we have strong relationships with the owners of these companies and sales staff there and we can take advantage of these relationships to get the apartment that is most suitable for you and also benefit from these relationships in practice After the sale to help you rent your apartment as we will talk in detail later.

These relations are of great importance and these relations cannot be deepened unless we have been in this market for a long time.

Modern real estate companies in the Turkish real estate market always strive to push the client to sign the contract and buy the property as soon as possible lest the client poses a question they cannot answer it Unlike the experienced companies in the Turkish real estate market, we hear the full questions of the client and answer them in a detailed and adequate signing of the contract We also answer additional questions that may not occur to the customer. We ask and answer these questions.


Consult a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey – Part 1

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