Consult a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey – Part 2

Consult a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey – Part 2


4- Pre-sale services

Pre-sales services start from the first call through the real estate consultant to know your request accurately and estimate your initial budget, this will help him to provide the best options appropriate to your request and your budget because projects in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular in the hundreds and if the real estate adviser made offers for all these The projects will make things complicated, so the real estate adviser is trying to make the right offers for you as much as possible.

If you are busy during the day with your work, there is no problem. You can tell the real estate advisor about the right time for you to call. In turn, he will contact you even outside his working hours.

Day after day through the real estate adviser to communicate with you explores the application that best suits you, and sends you the right offers to evaluate by you, and during this trip the real estate adviser will draw the plan for the progress of your tour when you arrive in Turkey,

This will save you time and fatigue.

The real estate adviser will be keen to send the appropriate offers to your arrival date so it is best to schedule the arrival time as accurately as possible because the offers available at the moment will not be available after two or three months, also there are some offers will be a week and sometimes a day so schedule your visit to Turkey It will facilitate the work of the real estate consultant and save you a lot of time.


5 – Services during the sale

When your visit to Turkey approaches, our team is ready to know the hour of arrival at the airport to find one of our staff waiting to meet you and help you transfer your items to the place where you will be staying. Featured,

The sales officer will take you to projects where you have been positively impressed when the phone employee was sending you offers.

And also face to face will understand your request better, sometimes the options you liked by talking on the phone is really not suitable for you but never worry our sales experts can understand your request accurately and quickly and offer the right projects for you,

After visiting several projects you are sure to have a comprehensive look and you like most of these projects the same different, there is a sales consultant advises you which of these projects best suited to your request and if you are satisfied with a high percentage you can book the apartment you like in order not to show it to other customers when Visit the project.

Booking an apartment is an initial contract and a simple payment and most importantly you can redeem it at any time in case you change your mind or find the most suitable option for you,

The duration of the real estate tour is not one day. If you do not find what suits you from the first day, the sales consultant is with you with additional tours until you find the right application for you.

The sales advisor is very important during your journey to own a property in Turkey, he is well experienced in this country and has extensive relations with the name of the company he works in and his name personally, so you only need to determine the house you liked and will negotiate based on his experience and relations with sales staff In projects, the reduction you will get with the sales officer will be staggering and is definitely higher than the reduction that any customer visiting the projects himself will get because the client’s experience cannot be compared to the experience of the person in this field for many years and also the relations of sales consultant with sales staff in Every project definitely surpasses client relationships.

Some clients try to discover real estate projects and locations accurately during their visit to Turkey in order to make the purchase on their own, this idea in fact seems in principle smart idea, but in fact is not quite for the following reasons:

– Real estate consultancy companies do not take their wages from the client, but from the vendor means the construction company and therefore when the client buying alone is not getting a better price, but gives the construction company additional profits.

– Services before, during and after the sale that we are talking about now are limited to the purchase of the client through the consulting company, in the case of the client said the purchase alone, the consulting company will not provide him with the necessary services during and after the sale, which is important to ensure the right of the client.

– Experience and then experience and experience, the real estate consultant has experience in the best projects and the history of construction companies that may be overlooked by the client and may buy from a construction company with a bad date may not complete the project you are building and if the project is ready, the services provided will not be compatible With the agreed terms.

– The discount that is offered to the client in case he goes alone in order to entice the customer to buy is less than what the real estate consultant can get for the client must pay attention to this point as well.




  1. after sales services

When you rely on one of the apartments you visited accompanied by a sales consultant 100% here you can start the process of purchase and of course the time required during the real estate tour to choose the right property depends on the client himself, some customers prefer to buy from the first or second day, others prefer to buy after One week, there is also a type of customer buying online without visiting Turkey in the first place and this often happens when buying a second or third property.

Upon signing the contract and selecting the appropriate form of payment, a formal contract is submitted by the construction company that fully guarantees the rights of the customer.

+ Cash payment through which the full amount owed to the construction company is paid and this option is good because it can get an additional discount on the total price of the apartment.

+ Payment in installments: There will be a down payment vary depending on the project and whether it is ready or under construction and the rest of the amount to be paid in installments also be agreed upon. The legal team in our company in the follow-up of these matters fully and help the client and remind him of the premiums required to be paid and the due date for each.

Now you got your apartment and in case it is ready to receive the key directly and there are some basic things that you will need help and here you will find our service team completely and completely free.

Registering the title deed in your name needs to be treated in the country with employees who speak only Turkish but never worry. We do all of these procedures for you.

Opening electricity, water, gas and internet meters One of our staff will assist you in all of that.

Also, if you want to buy furniture for your apartment, our team will help you.

After-sales services are not over yet, many customers prefer to rent their apartments rather than live in them. Dues of construction services and all related matters.


7-Legal services


Handshake after good cooperation, Consultation between a male lawyer and businessman customer, tax and the company of real estate concept.

Includes all the needs of the client while in Turkey and the purchase of real estate to ensure the validity of the contracts and follow up the title deed and accounting the construction company in the event of any emergency on the delivery of the project or anything else.

The most important role of legal services today is in case the client wants to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey or a group of real estate through the following details:

Turkish citizenship will be granted for real estate investment of $ 250,000. The previous decision was to grant Turkish citizenship for real estate investment of $ 1000,000.


Following is the text of the new executive regulations for acquiring Turkish citizenship in exchange for a real estate purchase in Turkey:

1) An applicant for Turkish citizenship according to item (b) of the following paragraph of Article 20 of the Regulation of the Law (a) concerned, regarding (immovable property) must be the value of immovable property purchased during the period 12/7/2017 And 18/9/2018 not less than $ 1,000,000 As for the immovable property purchased on 19/9/2018 and beyond should be worth at least $ 250,000.

2) In order to stabilize the mentioned value, the estimation of the material value of the immovable property must be obtained. This estimate should be prepared in accordance with the evaluation criteria and approved by the evaluation institutions. The date of the evaluation report should be at least four months before the date of application.

3) The evaluation report is valid until the completion of the procedures.

4) The value of the recorded sale must be less than the value stated in the valuation report.

5) Preferably the value of the property to be purchased even slightly higher than the amount of $ 250,000 so as not to cause any problems during the presentation.

6) It is necessary to prove the transfer of the value of the purchase through the bank, and the value has been paid from the buyer account to the seller ‘s account, (receipts are kept until the arrival of the notification stage of the Directorate – General).

7) The immovable property which is the subject of the acquisition must be registered in the name of a foreign person as wife or sons of the buyer.



Property Registration:

Upon completion of the review procedures, the statement “I promise not to sell the immovable property that you have purchased for the purpose of acquiring Turkish citizenship within the scope of Article 20 of the Legal Regulations on the Turkish Citizenship Law” shall be recorded in the application form or the supporting document. The immovable property in the property register.




Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property:

  • The property you want to buy (or purchased) must have a title deed.
  • Real estate that is still under construction cannot apply for Turkish citizenship.
  • The value of purchases registered in the Tapu will be calculated according to the price of the Turkish lira in the Central Bank on the day of receiving the Tapu.
  • Turkish citizenship can be applied through several properties owned by the investor provided that the total amount of all the real estate is $ 250,000.


Required personal papers:

  • Personal birth certificate.
  • Family statement document or family book.
  • Two recent biometric personal photos (for all family members).
  • Discharge sheet of provisions and precedents for the investor and his wife separately.
  • If the landlord is married and wants to apply for citizenship with his family, he must present a marriage certificate.

8-Best Price Guarantee

As we said earlier, your dealings with an experienced real estate company in the Turkish real estate market will ensure you test the most suitable property for you as well as the best prices.

Our real estate consultation is completely free and can be used by the client during his trip to buy a suitable property in Turkey in general or in Istanbul in particular.

Our company has hundreds of customers who are 100% satisfied with our work and are happy to join our list of satisfied customers and we are happy to provide our consulting services to you for free

Consult a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey – Part 1

Consult a real estate company before buying a property in Turkey – Part 2

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