Esenyurt region for real estate investment

Esenyurt region, where you can find a cheap and good quality of houses. Since The government planed to develop the reigon they had given a lot of opprotunities for investors, like selling cheap lands to encourage them to put a Real estate investment on the region. Dua to that, many Construction companies flowed to Esenyurt for investments. That was the reason to effect houses price to be cheap.

In Esenyurt due to large numbers of people are willing to buy cheap houses we always see under construction process and development movement for new projects. Resently, the mayor of Esenyurt stated that the municipal budget for Esenyurt will be doubled in the years between 2020-2024 to provide many services, such as parks, recreational and service places. With the beginning of 2020, the price per square meter of real estate in the region reached 2,277 TL, after it was 843 TL in 2012.

Esenyurt region for real estate investment

Esenyurt Apartmens Location:

Esenyurt is located between two main roads in Istanbul, the E80 road that passes besides Bahçeşehir and Basaksehir districts, and the E5 road that includes Metrobus line. The two roads are considered one of the most important roads in Istanbul, which connects Esenyurt with the most areas in Istanbul and it facilitated the movement of transportation to come or go from Esenyurt to any region in Istanbul. On the other hand,  there is a new metro line is under construction, will connect Esenyurt with Bahcesehir and Mahmut Bey, Besides the rest of the metro lines.

Esenyurt Properties Term in Services and life facilities:

There are many well-known Malls in Esenyurt like Marmara Park Mall is estaplished in 2012 and located on the E5 road, it has more then 250 stores, Marmara Park is very known in Istanbul with it is discounts. Torium Mall is also located on the E5 road, it has 5 floors and 180 stores with a total 90.000 square meters. Torium Mall is known for its Snowpark, it is a room contains snow for enjoying and playing, a lot of visiters come to the mall to enjoy playing with the snow. Also there are other malls located in Esenyurt City Center Outlet Mall, Eskule Mall, Parkway Mall.

Most Famous Apartments for sale Esenyurt İstanbul Turkey:

Demir Park Esenyurt, Makyol Santral, Olcay Point Residence, Central Hill, Venus Residence, Akbati Residences, Star Towers, Hep Istanbul, Kristal Park, Meydan Ardıçlı.

Esenyurt region for real estate investment

Demographic Situation of Esenyurt İstanbul:

For the last 10 years the shape of Demographic situation in Esenyurt has changed Significantly. Sicne 2011 a lot of foreigners flowing to it dua it is low housing price. When the demand of buying houses in Esenyurt has rised up, a lot of constructive compines start to build more projects with competitive prices. As we see since 2011 with more of new Real estate companies build houses and projects in Esenyurt, its demographic start to take a new form. The population in Esenyurt is 954.579 with age average: 28 , men is %51 women  %49 , and the marriage status is %44 married , 56%  Single.

Education in Esenyurt Istanbul Turkey:

Esenyurt has a lot of Arab and International schools like, Yunus Emre for elementary school, Rumeli schools, EL Suhadaa, Elite School,,,. When it comes to higher education we can find an Esenyurt private University, with its low fees between 2000-2500$. Esenyurt University has established in 2013 and giving its education with both language Turkish and English and it accepts all kind of high school certificate.

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