Guide for Buying real estate in Turkey

Guide for Buying real estate in Turkey

The answer to the question you’ll wonder when buying real estate in Turkey

For foreign nationals who are considering buying real estate in Turkey, we are sharing with you information we think it would be useful in the real estate market in Turkey, about 20% -30% of the total amount of housing sold each year are sold to foreign investors.

The majority of these investors are Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and Russia. So are Turkey’s closest neighbors. The vast majority of foreign investors who want to buy real estate in Turkey prefer Istanbul. The reason for this is that Istanbul is a proven to be metropolis in the world and at the same time, it has many symbols bearing the common culture for Middle Eastern investments. Sultanahmet, Hagia Sophia, the Ottoman heritage, and all values preserved until today are common values.

When Europe and Asia cross-section strategic location and historical common values are combined, who wouldn’t want to have a house here?

For this reason, foreign investors prefer Istanbul because of the historical and unique cultural values.

When Istanbul comes to mind, what comes first from districts, the best locations? Foreigners/ foreign investors who plan to purchase real estate should choose which location?

This question is very important for investors who want to invest in Turkey the first regions to come to the mind of a foreign investors are: Fatih, Taksim, Sultan Ahmet and the old Istanbul, located in the Historic Peninsula.

Guide for Buying real estate in Turkey
Guide for Buying real estate in Turkey

These neighborhoods; historical heritage, shopping opportunities and different eating and drinking alternatives are many features that coming to the fore. But in these neighborhoods there is a very serious difference between long-term accommodation and tourist accommodation.

When you want to live in these neighborhoods, You will witness that a home in the comfort of the hotel and a fully equipped social life will not be possible. Because these regions are historical, you must pay higher for the comfort and standard sought in existing housing projects than for other locations.

The reason this; The housing projects developed in this region have been demolished by urban transformation, and the construction costs are also very high.

This situation automatically causes the prices to be higher. Due to limited land, the green landscape and social reinforcement area of the projects developed in these regions is unfortunately very limited. Such settlements are suitable for people who do not want to break away from the city, who love to live fast, do not care much about social facilities and spend more time outside their homes. Of course, as we have stated, foreign customers who want to invest in these neighborhoods will have to allocate higher budgets for housing.

Every preferment will lead to its own demand. We are able to analyze the situation easily for our foreign customers who buy housing from us, as we have sold a large number of houses from these regions.

Which districts should foreign investors who want to buy real estate from large luxury projects with large landscaping areas and social facilities in Istanbul choose?

Foreigners who want to buy real estate from luxury projects with large landscaping areas and wide social facilities in Istanbul primarily;

They may prefer the districts such as Küçükçekmece, Bahçeşehir and Beylikdüzü, which are close to the metro and metrobus.

As these neighborhoods go towards the city’s walls, the land costs are low, and as a result of this, housing projects are quite luxurious, but their prices are accessible.

This information, which we provide as a golden opportunity for foreigners who want to buy luxury housing at an affordable price in Istanbul, also provides the opportunity to buy housing in larger m2 in terms of foreigners.

Thus, foreigners have easy access to the city in terms of transportation.

However, in these neighborhoods, where they are a bit far from the city center, they can buy flats in luxury housing, housing projects with a wide landscape and social facilities with a much more affordable price.

Is it enough for us to call you when we want to invest in Turkey? Should we be in your office?

There are many housing projects in Istanbul Which of these projects is wise to invest in?

Which regions do you prefer for your foreign customers / investors who buy housing from you?

Do you also help with the citizenship matter for foreign investors who have housing?

I want to buy housing from Turkey, but for now ı do not think about living in Turkey  in this case regarding to the residence i received, can I get support from you in the transactions such as rental, dues payment?

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