How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is one of the best and most successful investments at the present time, as you can fully benefit from being Turkish citizens by investing only $ 250,000 in buying a property or group of real estate in Turkey, and husband, wife and children their age is under 18 years acquire citizenship , and you can live within these properties or rent them and benefit from a good rental return throughout the year, with the possibility of reselling the properties after 3 years while maintaining the Turkish citizenship for sure.

The stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship are clear and easy stages according to the instructions of the Turkish government, which begin after determining the property or group of real estate whose price is not less than 250 thousand dollars:
The property must be evaluated by accredited by the title deed and the Turkish government so that the real estate evaluator will write a full report to the Property Department in which all the legal licenses for the project are fully attached with all its details, in addition to ensuring that the real property price is written in the title deed

The price of the property must be transferred through a bank transfer in whom the full value of the property is recorded, with an explanation of the reason for the purchase, which is to obtain Turkish citizenship, where bank receipts are attached to the application for Turkish citizenship.

Make a commitment not to sell the property for 3 of years, and after this period the investor can sell the property.
The investor’s residence must be submitted for the applicant, with no need for family members, and this residence will be special in order to complete the Turkish citizenship transactions.

After extracting the residency, the investor is eligible to apply for citizenship with family members, as citizenship will be granted to the husband, wife, and children under 18 years old.

After the completion of all the previous stages, Turkish citizenship is obtained within 60-40 days, and after the decision is fully issued after being approved by the Turkish presidency, it is possible to apply for obtaining Turkish IDs and then the Turkish passport with ease.

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