Luxury apartment in Istanbul for sale

What are luxury apartments, what their advantages are, and what are the areas that are known as a luxury area in Istanbul?

Istanbul is known around the world for providing all opportunities for real estate investment, including luxury apartments that contain all the specifications required by the foreign investor who wants a luxurious life.

There are well-known areas in Istanbul that are known for their wide services, luxurious apartments, and proximity to all entertainment and service centers and places in the city.

Among these areas is the Zeytinburnu – ​​Bakirkoy in the European section of the city, which is located directly on the sea and near all means of transportation, as there are high-end luxury projects in the Zeytinburnu area that meet the demands of investors, and another area on the European side of the large city of Istanbul is Sariyer – Maslak, which It is considered the financial center of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the most prestigious areas in the city, as it is requested by large investors, whether Turkish or foreign around the world, and the third area known for its sophistication and high demand is the Mecidiyekoy – Sisli district, where the area is located in the old heart of Istanbul and contains many luxury projects and shopping malls High-end and large commercial centers, and the most important means of transportation passes through the region, which are the Metrobus and the Subway.

Luxury apartment in Istanbul for sale

Pruva 34: The project is located in the distinctive Bakirkoy area in Istanbul, and the project extends over a land area of ​​62,373 square meters, and consists of only 239 residential units, which means a high-luxury life without congestion, and provides a private life, where all apartments have a sea view All apartments have a dressing room, a fully equipped kitchen, even a refrigerator, and the project is considered one of the distinctive projects in Istanbul, and next to it is a 5 stars hotel.


Torun Center: The project was built in the Mecidiyekoy area, where Galatasari Stadium is located, and it is one of the most famous and important clubs in Istanbul, where the project is located directly either the metro station and 5 minutes away from the Bosphorus Bridge, and the project was built on a land area of ​​33.815 meters Square, and it consists of 177 housing units only.

Starting from the fourth floor in the most amazing of all the three blocks, you will enjoy beautiful views of the Bosphorus, the Sea of ​​Marmara, or different panoramic views of the historical city of Istanbul such as old Istanbul, and the project consists of residences equipped with facilities that provide all the requirements of luxury life, and the project provides beautiful gardens and indoor small bars And outdoor, cafes and restaurants, and it is the most vital place in Istanbul, with its proximity to theatres, fitness clubs, spa and many event venues.

Fairmont Quasar Istanbul Hotel: It is located in the Mecidiyekoy area, and it is one of the most luxurious projects in Turkey with very high quality, in terms of materials used in construction and many other special architectural features, and specializes in Vermont’s distinguished heritage of elegance on the slopes of the Bosphorus, and sweeps centuries From history, it appears in silhouette in front of the modern Istanbul skyline, and blends with the ancient history and traditions of the city to offer guests an exceptional experience at the heart of the most talked about destinations in the world, the luxurious guest rooms in the luxury project are elegantly designed for the modern traveller, and include 25 suites and The 40 golden rooms all offer exclusive touches ranging from single balconies and Bosphorus views to the Turkish bath, with unique amenities.


Zorlu Center Shopping Center: The project was built on an area of ​​105 thousand square meters, and it is one of the modern commercial centers in Istanbul, as it includes distinctive brands, cafes, restaurants and its entertainment area. Zorlu Center is an integrated project that contains an art center, a hotel, commercial offices and a center for shopping and apartments for housing. The mall is characterized by its beautiful atmosphere, as it uses advanced lighting technology, in addition to containing 40 cafes and restaurants, as well as apartments in the Burj Residence of the complex, and enjoys panoramic views of the Bosphorus.


Yedi Mavi: The project is located in the famous Zeytinburnu district in Istanbul, and the project includes seven wonders of life, and the project consists of 6 blocks of 17 floors and 848 apartments. The project also includes a shopping center, office and hotel apartments.

It meets all the needs of apartment owners, as it bears the signature of the famous architect Murat Tabanlioglu, and the project was designed with inspiration from the sea and architecture where the sea and the city intersect in the project.

The project embraces different services from the rest of the projects such as accommodation services, airport transportation, electric vehicle charging station, hourly chauffeur service, private express mail, ambulance service and veterinary medicine. Living in Yedi Mavi project will increase your life standard.

Vadi Istanbul: The project is located in the Sariyer district in Istanbul, and the project is rising in Ayazaga neighborhood. There are 762 housing units in this huge construction masterpiece that was built on a total area of ​​74,000 square meters.

The entire project contains residential and commercial units which are mostly home offices. The residences will be available in 4 types according to the needs of the bedrooms. The estimated area of ​​each unit is set between 81 and 265 square meters. The project has been handed over to its new residents since December 2018.

Within the project there is a commercial center that is also used as a shopping center with an area of ​​about 22,500 square meters. The underground car park can accommodate up to 3,700 vehicles at one time. On this basis and other advantages, the project attracts the admiration of investors and potential customers on many levels.

The project is in close distance to M2 metro line’s stations through Sanayi – Seyrantepe connection. E-80 Highway passes nearby.

Some of the features and facilities available in the project can be detailed as follows: Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, children’s pool, fitness center, cafe and restaurant, walking path integrated into green living space, basketball and volleyball courts, forest and valley view from the terrace area, sauna and Turkish bath, outdoor and underground parking, controlled entry and crew Security and surveillance cameras.

Buyukyali: The project bears the slogan “4 districts, one city” and has the highest revenue joint real estate contract in the history of the Turkish Republic. The project was constructed on an area of ​​111,000 square meters and was planned as a coastal city and will be fully integrated with the sea via the marina and sea shuttles. The design of the project is Chapman Taylor who has won more than 200 international awards.

The project promises life through lush gardens where children can play freely, with exclusive restaurants and a location next door to the Historic Peninsula. There will be colourful and vibrant squares that are easy for residents to reach on foot and will contain many social and artistic activities. Thanks to the people-oriented design, the height of the buildings is planned with silhouette decisions that will not harm the view of the Historic Peninsula.

Historic places that previously served as a military tank maintenance workshop that have been closed for 100 years will be restored and reassessed as an art center of culture, exhibition areas, kids’ club, dining halls and fashion art workshops. The presence of historical buildings will make these areas become places of living again; the historical buildings that will bring the urban fabric of Istanbul to the project will become part of daily life by reviving cultural and social activities.

The project has apartments of various concepts and sizes, and branded residences that are operated with hotels.

The project, designed as a coastal city, attracted great interest from both international and local investors during the initial order stage.

The project apartments are designed in the form of smart homes. All lighting controls, curtain / blinds controls, climate controls and floor heating controls can be done remotely from the touch panel or via smartphones. The smart building also includes video intercom and security measures such as the ability to display CCTV images.

Baths, spa, sauna, social facilities and many other topics such as weather information on the road, hot and cold water control.

The Project club is designed to impart sporting culture to the population. The club will provide unparalleled opportunities for both children and adults. The club promises to cover major sports as well as tennis, swimming and other sports.

The project has easy access to land, sea and rail transportation systems. The project will be home to a new marina and also there will be shuttles. Marina and sea shuttles provide quick and easy solutions to Istanbul traffic. Eurasia Tunnel, the undersea highway connecting the European and Asian sides, only 3 km from the project.

Thanks to the Marmaray Zeytinburnu station, the project residents will be able easily to access all transportation systems in Istanbul. The project is directly linked to E80 and E5 highways, as well as the maritime transport berths in Bakirkoy and Yenikapi IDO.

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