Reason Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Avcilar

Avcilar Real Estate Market Information: Avcilar is one of the oldest region in Istanbul. It is chrachterized by its location where it overlooks to Kucukcekmece lake and Marmara Sea. Recently government is reconstructing Avcilar reigion from old buildings to new and modern projects with sea views. Avcilar region has a lot of adventages that enable it to be a strong competitor in Real Estate sector like its location on the most important road in Istanbul which is E5 where you can find the Metrobus, also its amazing lake and seaviews. The price of houses in Avcial still cheap for now as there is a few new projects on it, but clearely houses and apartments price in avcilar will go very high soon. As much of selling houses in Avcilar goes up the price will go up too. What the price index shows us is in 2012 the price in Avcilar per metre was 1,200 TL and price in beginig of 2020 is 3,026 TL . it is very good opprutunity for investor who is looking to invest in Real estate sector in Istanbul, and who is looking for buying a house with sea view and cheap price, Avcilar will be the right choise.

Avcilar Apartmens Location: Avcilar located in a  significat area that distinguish it from other reigions in Istanbul. İt is located between Beylikduzu and Kucukcemece and has the view of Marmara sea and Kucukcekmece Lake and its consider the onle reigion that has the bothe views. Also the E5 road where is the Metrobus passes through Avcilar and never forget the new underconstruction metro on it.

Reason Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Avcilar

Avcilar Properties Term in Services and life facilities: one of the famoust malls in Avcilar is Pelican , it was established on 2012 contains with 4 floors and more then 100 stores. However, what is the significant places that make Avcilar more different from other reigion is the Parks, Cafes, and restaurats where they located infront of the sea. That consider as the most entertainment part and life facilitites of Avcilar, the views of the Lake and the Sea, most of Istanbul residents come espically to Avcilar to have a good time with families beside the sea.

Most Famous Apartments for sale Avcilar İstanbul Turkey: the most selling apartment and projects in Avcilar is Mars 19, Reform Life, Toya Vista, Academia Apartments, Avcilar Park, Allure Tower, 3S Firuze Konaklari, Avcilar Garden, Aston Firuzkoy.

Demographic Situation of Avcilar İstanbul: for the current what shape Avcilar is the the old and cheap houses in it but there are a lot of Real estate investments in the area that will shape its current demographic In the future. Avcilar population is 448.882 and the average age is 32, men are %50 and women are %50 , Marriage statues is %46 are singles and %54 are married.

Education in Avcilar Istanbul Turkey: Avcilar has an ancient university which is Istanbul University , its beggist campous is located in Avcilar.

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