Student residence in Turkey

Student residence in Turkey

Student residence in Turkey, The idea of ​​studying in Turkey has many Arab and foreign students around the world, because the opportunity of education in Turkey is distinctive in its universities and is always fraught with advantages and temptations, and do not forget to mention that Turkey is now the first face of Arabs and foreigners, whether for tourism or to study Or for investment, Turkey has become the dream of many students to study and live in them, especially the Gulf countries, which attracts the level of education in Turkish universities and also attracted by the low cost compared to European countries.

There are many Syrians and Iraqis living in Turkey who are studying and working here in Turkey.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for student accommodation that suits the material circumstances of each person and to compare the level of services in each individual residence.

  1. Types of Student Accommodation in Turkey:

  • Government or university student housing.
  • Student Houses Waqf “Vakif”.
  • Private student accommodation “Dormitory”.

– Youth accommodation (apartments for rent).

  • Government or university housing:

KYK organizes all government student housing services. There is a large number of government housing throughout Turkey with more than 390 students housing.

This includes male and female student dormitories or can be mixed male or female dormitories, is there is one building with male and female rooms, the number of students per room ranges from 4 students to 8 students per room.

The cost of government student housing is moderate and affordable for all students ranging from 200 TL to 350 TL per month.

The price varies depending on the governorate where the housing is located and there is also insurance initially only for 500 TL.

In addition to Turkish students, foreign students are allowed to live in government housing and also receive recipients of the Turkish government scholarship.


Government Student Housing Benefits:

– Daily meals for a nominal fee.

– Free internet access in all government housing.

– Cleaning and washing clothes in laundries for the construction of university accommodation free of charge.

-Psychological and social support for students.

– hosting for 10 days in any government housing.

* Disadvantages of government student housing in Turkey:

– the large number of students per room, which is up to 8 students per room.

– An obstacle to study when there are a large number of students together.


Waqf “Vakif” Student Housing:

It is a student residence under the supervision of the Turkish Religious Endowment or one of the charitable organizations in Turkey.

Waqf Student Housing allows students to stay for a nominal amount and sometimes it is completely free.

This type of housing is characterized by a committed religious atmosphere and fixed and strict laws, and also allows attend religious sessions and preaching according to regular programs organized and seminars supervised by Turkish professors of religion.

Students should done an interview in the waqf houses before they are accepted. They talk to them and get to know them. The accommodation is mainly active in three main countries: Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.

Waqf housing allows both Turkish and foreign students to live in it, but it is not the ideal accommodation where students can study quietly and cannot always rest and most services are not ideal.

Private Student Accommodation:

Private companies are the ones who create such projects and most of the time the students are provided with full amenities and the accommodation is quiet and there are many special services.

  • Student housing characterized by:
  • The availability of the three main meals at a nominal price for the student.
  • Availability of Internet around the clock.
  • Laundry and cleaning services.
  • The privacy of the student.

Accommodation is quiet and comfortable and the number of students per room is less than the government or university housing.

Student housing is usually located close to public universities in Turkey, and there is private accommodation of the same university.


 Youth housing (apartments for rent):

It is a youth residential apartments whether for students or for foreign youth working in Turkey.

There are apartments for young people and apartments for young women.

Youth housing is expensive because it entails the cost of insurance and home furnishings such as furniture, electrical appliances and monthly bills.

Rent in youth housing per room varies in terms of state, neighborhood, place of residence and services available. For young women, most youth apartments are in secure compounds with security, protection and security.

  • Youth housing course has some advantages:
  • Lower rental cost compared if the student will rent a house alone.
  • A portion of bills amount are paid (gas, electricity, water, internet).

Cons of Youth Student Housing:

  • This type of housing lacks the element of safety can occur some thefts or monument and this happens to mix young people between people they did not know before.
  • Youth housing lacks hygiene, especially housing for young people because they are busy studying or working.
  • Lack of privacy.

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