The Current State of the Real Estate Market for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul, as the largest city and economic center of Turkey, holds significant importance in terms of the real estate market, especially for residential properties. The rapid population growth experienced in Istanbul in recent years has led to an increased demand for housing and revitalized the real estate market. In this article, we will examine the current state and trends of the real estate market for sale in Istanbul.

1. Price Fluctuations in Residential Properties

Residential property prices in Istanbul have been steadily rising in recent years. However, with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the market experienced a slowdown. The reduced demand due to the pandemic resulted in a decline in property prices. Nevertheless, the market began to recover in 2021, and residential property prices started to rise again. Particularly, the central areas of Istanbul have witnessed a more rapid increase in property prices.

2. New Housing Projects

New housing projects in Istanbul contribute to increasing the housing supply and introducing new options to the market. Large-scale projects undertaken to meet the housing needs in the city draw attention. These projects generally consist of modern residences with well-developed infrastructure, landscaped surroundings, and rich social amenities.

3. Demand and Sales Status

The demand for residential properties in Istanbul continues to remain high. The steady population growth in the city, the desire of the younger population to own homes, and investment-driven purchases support the demand. Additionally, the interest of foreign investors in buying properties in Istanbul persists. These factors generate a continuous demand in the real estate market and support sales.

4. Urban Transformation Projects

Urban transformation projects in Istanbul aim to renew old and risky structures and replace them with modern housing developments. These projects not only enhance the quality of life in the city but also provide new opportunities in the real estate market. The sales of properties carried out within the scope of urban transformation projects also contribute to market dynamics.

5. Property Taxes and Loan Support

Factors such as property taxes and loan support also influence the current state of the real estate market in Istanbul. Tax incentives and low-interest housing loans provided by the government to stimulate the housing sector help increase the demand and support property sales. Such support schemes present attractive opportunities, especially for active buyers in the primary housing market.


The real estate market for sale in Istanbul generally follows a positive trajectory. The rise in property prices offers profitable opportunities for investors, while new projects and urban transformation efforts create vibrancy in the market. High demand and mortgage loan support also have a positive impact on the market. However, the rapid increase in property prices may pose challenges for some buyers. The future state of the real estate market for sale in Istanbul will be shaped by economic conditions and housing policies.

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