Turkey Food

Before coming to Turkey, of course, you have to know the beginning of the most famous rich Turkish foods, and Turkish restaurants that offer Turkish food.

Among the most prominent types of Turkish soups are Ezogelin, Yayla çorbası, Tarhana çorbası, Analı kızlı.

Turkish soups are served before the main dishes, and after the main dishes served followed by traditional Turkish desserts, you will not forget these unique tastes.

Of course, when it comes to Turkish food, we should not forget the kebab varieties that come to mind first, Adana Kebap and Urfa Kebap are among the unforgettable tastes of those who love spicy food.

Are you ready to cry for delicious food?

The variety of meat dishes in Turkey is endless. Lahmacun, this delicious dish made with thick dough or thin dough, leaves an unforgettable imprint on the mouth with its handcrafted ayran.

Let’s get acquainted with the raw meat of Urfa, Adiyaman:

The mixture is kneaded for hours, which consists of bulgur, delicious spices and a special sauce, so the result is a very wonderful taste.

The flavor of Etli Ekmek food waits in Konya, which consists of meat that is placed on thin dough rolled up and cooked over a wood fire. You won’t be able to say no to İçli Köfte in Hatay, which is served, fried on request, or boiled on request.

Let’s see where we can taste these flavors.


CZN BURAK Restaurant, located in Istanbul, Taksim area, welcomes its guests, and the owner of the restaurant is the famous Chef Burak from Hatay, who recently opened a branch in the United Arab Emirates.

The famous NUSRET restaurant offers its guests the most delicious Turkish food and kebabs, as it is owned by Chef Nusrat, and has branches in America, London, Dubai, in addition to its main branch in Istanbul.

And some famous Turkish restaurants, Big Chef’s, Şazeli, Etçi Mehmet, Serraf, and Lacivert, which welcome visitors with delicious and memorable meals.

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