Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate

Owning a property in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and obtaining its nationality for 250 thousand dollars, as obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate requires a valid passport, tax number, evaluation report from the title deed department, title deed, and a receipt to pay the full amount of 250 thousand dollars or more And there are simple documents and other documents that the lawyer prepares and attaches with the application file for Turkish citizenship.

Knowing that the following nationalities are not entitled to own property in Turkey, namely Syria, North Korea, and Armenia, as the reason for this ban is due to very old historical wars and agreements dating back to the founding period of the Turkish Republic.


Among the features of Turkish citizenship through real estate:

The presence of affordable investment opportunities with high feasibility for foreign investors due to the exchange rate difference between the Turkish lira and foreign currencies.

There is no requirement in the investment law for the purpose of obtaining citizenship that determines the type of real estate invested, meaning that the foreign investor has the freedom to choose between residential, commercial, land and other properties.

Real estate can be bought in comfortable instalments in Turkey with the condition that the citizenship application be submitted after the instalments are completed.

The geographical location of Turkey and its concentration between the Arab and Western countries, in addition to its economic strength and strength, and its high tourist advantages.

Enjoy the benefits of housing or having holidays in Turkey, which is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Ease of renting, investing or reselling the property due to the booming in the real estate market in Turkey.

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