Turkish nationality law through buying a property in Turkey

Turkish nationality law through buying a property in Turkey

After waiting for the investors and those concerned with the Turkish real estate and for people aspiring to start a new life and obtain a Turkish passport and live and invest in Turkey, the executive regulation on the mechanism of implementation of the Turkish nationality law through buying a property in Turkey (Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey) was issued.


The new law on Turkish nationality, which was recently issued, granted amendments and facilities for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship will be granted for a real estate investment of  250,000$. While The previous decision was to grant Turkish citizenship for a real estate investment worth  1,000,000$.


The Following text  is the new implementing regulations for Turkish citizenship in return for buying real estate in Turkey:

1- An applicant for Turkish citizenship under section (b) of the following paragraph of Article 20 of the Law (a) concerned, in respect of (immovable property), the value of the immovable property purchased during the period 12/7/2017 And 18/9/2018 not less than  1,000,000$, and for the immovable property purchased on 19/9/2018 and beyond should be at least  250,000$.

2- The value of the immovable property must be obtained. The estimate shall be prepared in accordance with the evaluation criteria and certified by the evaluation institutions. The date of the evaluation report shall be four months before the date of the request.

3- The evaluation report is valid until the completion of the procedures.

4- The value of the registered sale shall be less than the value stated in the valuation report. The value of the immovable property shall be calculated in US Dollars according to the foreign exchange rate.

5- Preferably the value of the property to be purchased even higher than the amount of $ 250,000 so as not to cause any problems during the submission.

6-The transfer of the purchase value must be proved by the bank and the value has been paid from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account.

7- The immovable property which is the subject of the acquisition shall be registered on behalf of a foreign person as the wife or sons of the purchaser.


Property Registration:

Upon completion of the audit procedure, the words “I pledge not to sell the immovable property which I have purchased for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship within the scope of Article 20 of the Legal Regulations relating to the Turkish Nationality Law” shall be recorded in the registration document or the official document, Real estate not transferred by the real estate register.




Steps to acquire Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property:

  • The property that you want to buy (or have purchased) must have a deed of ownership.
  • Real estate that is still under construction can not be applied for Turkish nationality through it.
  • The value of the customers recorded in the taboo is calculated according to the Turkish lira at the Central Bank on the day of receipt of the stamp.
  • You can apply for Turkish nationality through several properties owned by the investor provided that the total sum of all real estate for $ 250,000.


Required personal papers:

  • Personal birth certificate.
  • Family statement or family book.
  • recent biometric profile (for all family members).
  • A sheet of acquittal of judgments and precedents to the investor and his wife individually.
  • If the owner of the property is married and wishes to submit citizenship with his family, he must submit a marriage document.

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