Why Beyoglu Real Estate Can Be the Best Investment Option for You

Beyoglu Real Estate Market Information: Beyoglu one of the magnificence district in Istanbul, where you can find the magnificent and beauty of Istanbul. Beyoglu is the place of upscale, modern, and educated families.  The apartments and houses in Beyoglu are characterised by their unique architecture, and luxurious houses. Also, Beyoglu is consider as a destination for shopping where it has most famous and international brands on it, this is beside the banks, bars, restaurants malls.

In Beyoglu you can find Resale, Commercial units, and Hotels for sales. In terms of investment, Beyoglu consider as a precious area it has diverse of significant places are favourit by tourist like Taksim, Galata Tower, Karakoy. About the index for apartments and houses sales in Beyogle, in 2012 the price per metre square in Beyogle was 3.000 TL and in 2020 the price for metre square in Beyoglu is 6.250.

Beyoglu Apartmens Location: Beyoglu is located on the European side of Istanbul next to Sisli and opposite to Uskudar and Fatih,  Bosphorus and Halic river crosses beside it. Beyoglu has all the transportation facilities like Metro line, Tram, Metrobus, and the E5 highway that connect the European and Asian side.

Beyoglu Properties Term in Services and life facilities: Beyoglu has encountless of lifestyle facilities and services, with noo doubt Taksim comes first in Beyoglu as it’s the most preferred place for Turkish and Tourists to do shopping. Galata Tower, one of the historical places in Istanbul on its top there is a restaurant and can see the wonderful view of Bosphorus. The real estate properties near those places are highly valued, and the hotel investment is very profitable, as we advice to all of our customer to consider investment in Beyoglu which it has high rental income.

Education in Beyoglu Istanbul Turkey: Beyoglu has variety of international schools. And it has universitites as well like Fatih Sultan Mehmet, was established in 2010 and has around 9.000 students.

Demographic Situation of Beyoglu İstanbul:  The real estates movement in Beyoglu are always growing, espically the reconstruction buildings, from old apartments to new and modern ones. Beyoglu opoulation is 233.323, the average age is 34, men are %51 and women are %49, the marriage status is %42 are married and %58 are single.

Most Famous Apartments for sale Beyoglu İstanbul Turkey: Elysium Residence Taksim, Elysium Soul Beyoglu, Beyoglu Look, Taksim 360, Piyalepasa Istanbul, Often Beyoglu, Cityist Offices Piyalepasa, Elexia Dolapdere, Benesta Beyoglu, Taxim Haciusrev.

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