Why You May Consider Investing in Gaziosmanpasa Real Estate

Gaziosmanpaşa Real Estate Market Information: Gaziosmanpasa characterized by its location which is on the centre of Isyanbul, and also the transportations networks in it Like the Tram, Metrobus, and Metro. Gaziosmanpasa is an example for the urban transformation region in Istanbul. In the past it was a small village but now it has new real estate projects and infrastructure, and life facilities. Gaziosmanpasa is attracting foreign investors and local residents dua to the cheap price of the houses and apartment in Gaziosmanpasa. When we look at the real estate market price indix in Sisli we find that, in 2012 the price per metre square was 1,161 Tl and the price in 2020 is 3,050 Tl as its dramatically rising.

Gaziosmanpaşa Apartmens Location: Gaziosmanpasa is located on the centre of Istanbul, its between Bagcila, Sisili, and Fatih. Also the E80 highway is passing through it that lead the passenger to go to Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, Kucukcekmece, Esenyurt, and the Asian Side very fastly. The Metrobus and Metro allows passengers also to go fastly to anywhere in Istanbul.

Gaziosmanpaşa Properties Term in Services and life facilities: Venezia Mall, the best mall you can find in Gaziosmanpasa. It was established in 2015 and is characterized by its unique Italian style t the size of the mall is 16.000 m2 and it has more then 500 shops the special part is there is a small river between the shops that make you feel you are in Venedik Italy.

Demographic Situation of Gaziosmanpaşa İstanbul: for the past 10 years the demographic of Gaziosmanpasa has changed dramatically from old small houses and buildings to new modern real estate projects and good infrastructure. Gaziosmanpasa population is 491.962, the average age is 32, %50 are men and %50 are women, marriage status is %53 are married and %47 are single.

Most Famous Apartments for sale Gaziosmanpaşa İstanbul Turkey: Nef Ortayaka, Validesuyu Konutlari, Viaport Venezia, Yildiz Park Modern, Seckinler Inci Evleri, Avrupa Konutlari TEM 2, Halic Panorama, Essenora, Sarigol Kent Konutlari, Serenity Kucukkoy, Venedik Saraylari, Aykutoglu Flats, For Istanbul, Sur Yapi TEM Vitrin, Seckinler Safir Evleri, Panorama Kucukkoy, Pashacity, We Halic, GOP Plevne

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