Why You Should Invest in Bakirkoy Real Estate

Bakirkoy Real Estate Market Information: Bakirkoy is located on the European side of Istanbul it has a strategic location near to the sea and you can reach it easily from anywhere in Istanbul. Bakirkoy is one of the great and important reagions in Istanbul, its chrachterised by calmness and high quality of projects and houses in it. Bakirkoy from the perspective of Real estate is the place for the elite and prestige customers. All real estate projects in Bakirkoy are built in high quality. When you are in Bakirkoy you will see that the municipal took much attention in its cleanness and security. When will look at Real estate index in Bakirkoy we see that in in 2012 the price per metre square was 3,300 tl and in 2020 its 9,600 the price is always rising in Bakirkoy. Putting investment in Bakirkoy is always the right choise for living or for investment.

Bakirkoy Apartmens Location: Bakirkoy located on the middle of İstanbul and its on the E5 road where is the Metrobus and the counter side of it is Kucukcekmece and Bahcelievler and the backside is Marmara Sea. The transportation availability in Bakirkoy is Metro, Metrobus that plus the puplic buses. The availability of transportations in Bakirkoy is in important factor for the high demands of Real estate projects.

Why You Should Invest in Bakirkoy Real Estate

Bakirkoy Properties Term in Services and life facilities: Bakirkoy has different and great life facilities. Florya consider is the best area in Bakirkoy, it has an overlooks to the sea also there is a famous Florya park which is for free to everyone. Families go there and enjoy the view with the nature and the sea, also we never forget that the Real estate projects in Florya are very special. Aquarium its in Florya too, is consider as the biggest aquarium in the Middle-east with space of 22,000 metre square it has different and rare fishes. Botanik park the famous park in Bakirkoy its located on the E5 road and it has a small lake in it. In terms of mall in Bakirkoy, Galleria Mall, Capacity Mall, Carousel Mall, Airport Mall, Ataköy A Plus mall, Aqua Florya Mall, Marmara Forum Mall, Fly İnn Mall, Koru Florya mall.

Demographic Situation of Bakirkoy İstanbul: Bakirkoy characterised by its Prestige and high quality of Real estate projects, Houses, Villas where its overlooking the sea. Construction Companies in Bakirkoy give more attention on the qualities of the houses and projects. Bakirkoy. Bakirkoy population is 229.239, the average age is 39, men are %47 and women are %53, the marriage statues is %46 are married and %54 are single.

Education in Bakirkoy Istanbul Turkey: İstanbul Kültür university located in Bakirkoy and it is one of the well-known universities in Istanbul, it was established in 1997 and its distinctive department is Architectural Engineering, also it has 44 departments and more then 16 thousand of students.

Most Famous Apartments for sale Bakirkoy İstanbul Turkey: Koru Florya, Pruva 34, Novus Residence, Incirli Konaklari, Florya Eksinar Konaklari, Selenium Atakoy, Vezuv Konaklari, Ottomare Suites, Nef Atakoy 22, Selenium Retro, Ottomare Palace, Nivo Atakoy, Selenium Retro9, Ihlamur Konaklari Florya, Sea Pearl Atakoy, Ozaksu Bakirkoy, Atakoy Marina Park Residence 99.

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