Why Zeytinburnu Real Estate Is Worthwhile Investment

Zeytinburnu Real Estate Market Information: Zeytinburnu is one of the privileged district in Istanbul. In the past it was a small village but when the government decide to do an urbanization plan in istabul regions, Zeytinburnu were giving much attentions in terms of reconstructing the buildings with new modern projects. Because its located on strategic place near to the sea and all transportation facilities are available, that enable it to be one of the important places in Real estate market in Istanbul. Where it has an Integrated features that lead the price always rising. What the Real estate price index shows us is that, in 2012 the price was 1,270 Tl per metre square and in 2020 the price is 4,170 per metre square, the price is almost doubled 4 times and that is something unique in Real estate sector. Either if you will live in it or invest in Zeytinburnu it will be the right choise.

Zeytinburnu Apartmens Location: Zeytinburnu is located in a very good place in Istanbul it has a view on Marmara sea and all of transportation facilitis are available on it. The E5 road pases through it which is consider as the most important road in Istanbul where you can find the Metrobus too. Also it has an underground Metro which enable the passenger to go to anywhere in Istanbul, and above the ground is the tram where it takes you to all the tourist places in Istanbul.

Zeytinburnu Properties Term in Services and life facilities: Residents in Zeytinburnu enjoy doing picnic to the parks that counter the sea like Kazlıçeşme Sahıl Parkı . Also there are two malls in Zeytinburnu The first one is Olivium mall it has 4 floors and around 140 stores. The second is Zeruj Port Mall, mall space is 13.000 metre square and it has 126 stores the mall is only for covered woman and children clothes.

Demographic Situation of Zeytinburnu İstanbul: in the past Zeytinburnu was a small town, so when the government establish its plan for reconstruction Istanbul regions Zeytinburnu was one of those reigions. Moreover, Zeytinburnu characterised by Clothes stores and that attract many  the foreigners to export clothes from Zeytinburnu. As Zeytinburnu region is gaining a its reputation in Clothes sector that open a way for Realestate investment in Zeytinburnu too. Many of construction companies started to build new projects and houses in Zeytinburnu. The population in Zeytinburnu is 293.574, the average age is 32, men are %50 and women are %50, the marriage status is %42 married and %58 single.

Education in Zeytinburnu Istanbul Turkey: Some universities compus in Zeytinburnu, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, Biruni University, and Yeni Yüzyıl University.

Most Famous Apartments for sale Zeytinburnu İstanbul Turkey: Yedi Mavi, The Istanbul Veliefendi, The Istanbul Residenc, Onaltidokuz Istanbul, Real Istanbul Residence, Buyukyali Istanbul, Garden 69 Zeytinburnu, Akzirve Zeytinburnu Ambarlar, Locamahal Veliefendi, Istanbul Panorama, Livza Zeytinburnu, Nidapark Denizati, Cer Istanbul, Pruva 34.

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