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Big Property Agency

Who are we?

Our company has been operating for the last 12 years in Real Estate sector in Turkey.

With its sales offices located in 4 different locations in Istanbul, the company’s professional staff has also proving assists to our customer in many language like English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and German. The company, with it is professional working have give to all our customer  100% of confidence  satisfaction, and has made approximately 1900 people homeowners.

From over it is hard working years Big Property Agency has successfully managed to build a long-term relationships with its customers, by giving them a help hand before, during, and after the sales process.

It is very important with whom you work

Big Property is sharing with its customers many years of deep experience, in Real Estate sector inside Turkey . Based on our long-experience we give our customer the best price on the market. By working with us we make the right decision that eliminates the risk of making mistakes.

Our only reference is our all happy customers.

Remember that with whom you work is very important!

Why big property Agency Company?

Big property agency company (which is owned by Turkish businessmen) is distinguished by its 12+ years of experience in the Turkish real estate market. The company has 4 branches in different areas in Istanbul. Since its foundation, the company has maintained its good reputation among its clients that are more than 1900. Besides the continuous improvements of performance through its accumulated practical experience.

Big Property Agency has had remarkable success and achievements with gaining a good reputation in Turkey and  among Arab countries as well. It has also succeeded in getting its clients the best possible prices thanks to its wide network of relations.

 The organizational structure of the company and its way of operating.

  1. Telephone Consultation Department: Specialized in giving all advice and instructions related to the real estate field and answering all customer inquiries.
  2. Marketing Department: Specialized in providing and processing all important information and content related to real estate, including news, photos and videos, and providing its clients with this information.
  3. The Data Department: It is a department consists of a Turkish team that works constantly to provide distinctive real estate opportunities, finding all available offers and discounts in real estate projects to offer the company’s clients with varieties of opportunities.
  4. Sales Department: a team specialized in sales activities. After a client arrives in Turkey, the team take him/her in field trips to different projects where the client get introductions and about the projects. The team advice clients with the best projects for them based on their situations and plans.
  5. After-sale services department: a department specialized in the services that clients need after purchasing the property, such as extracting the title deed, furnishing the house, requesting water or electricity supply and others.








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