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Big Property Agency has been operating for over 12 years in the sales area in Turkey’s real estate sector.

With its sales offices located in 4 different locations in Istanbul, the company also has serving staff who know in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and German. the company, which operates with 100% confidence and 100% customer satisfaction, has made approximately 1900 people homeowners.

Big Property Agency has always developed long-term relationships with its customers and has been involved with every issue of its customers. Big Property Agency is based on the principles of customer satisfaction and trust.

It is very important with whom you work

Big Property Agency is sharing with its  customers many years of acquired knowledge, experience and expertise in housing sector for those who want to buy homes from Turkey. project with the best price guarantee from the housing project. By working with us we make the right decision that eliminates the risk of making mistakes.

Our customers, who are the owners of the apartment, are our biggest reference, by providing long-term relations with our customers, we offer them many services in pre-sales, after-sales areas.

Remember that with whom you work is very important!

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