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Most important issues that is considered one of the in the recent period in Turkey which is Turkish citizenship fees that the ruling party reduced from one million dollars to 250 thousand USD. This issue that has been criticized a lot by the opposition, We will study the issue of Turkish citizenship through by real estate invesment which was criticized as being sold like a cake on a tray.

Change with in made on 19 September 2018, the Turkey citizenship amount has been reduced from 1,000,000 USD to 250,000 USD. This situation has captured the appetite of investors who want to obtain Turkish citizenship and real estate investments have increased rapidly.

An average of 50,000 homes is sold to foreigners every year. So far, 9,469 people from 105 different countries have been granted exceptional Turkish citizenship. These people obtained Turkey citizenship for themselves and their families. Turkey one of best advatantage country in world provide citizenship by investment. The advantage is if you invest in Turkey real estate 250.000 USD investor and investor family directly without any waiting can apply Turkey citizenship. In a 3 or 4 month after checking investoner and families may get their passport and Turkish ID from goverment.

According to the residence in Turkey, the largest application for Turkish passport appeared in the first 5 countries in a row exceptionally, Iran 2409 people, Afghanistan 1444 people, Iraq 1310 people, Yemen 1,106 people, and 874 people from China.

Turkey Republic of environment and urban ministry announce that we are waiting much more insteresting to invest for Turkey Citizenship particularly China, Pakistan, Iran, Irak and Afganistan.

The demand for Turkish passport continues to increase. Depending on demand and with the increase in real estate prices, the nationality figure is expected to reach 350 thousand dollars.


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