Sale Process

Sale Process

Every country has a different sale process about real estate. When We look Turkey real estate sale process We can see many stages, all of these stages are done correctly and carefully. This is very important for a successful completion of the sales and after sales process.

Real Estate Sale Process

  • Searching Step” On this step we start by searching for you to find your dream property at a suitable price.
  • Visiting Step” On this step we as Big Property we prepare a plane for your visiting, so you could see the projects and the houses in real.
  • Negotiation Step” On this step we find the Unit you liked and start doing a negotiation process by matching your capability for payment and installments with the Seller.
  • Reservation Step” On this step we are done from negotiation process, and we make a pre-sale contract for your unit.
  • Contract Step” On this step we prepare the necessary documents like: the original and the translation of the passport, a certified translator, 6 photos and a bank account for payments. and then we Sign The Sale Contract.

After Sales Process – Property Maganement

In After-Sales Process, in order to provide a best quality of services to our customers we provide After-Sales process in certain area in Turkey, here they are; Istanbul, Bursa, Yalova, Izmir.

  • An appointment is made by applying for the deed and the deed transfer “Tapu” is performed on the date of appointment.
  • The key of the apartment will be delivered.
  • Electricity, water, and gas procedures are performed.
  • Handling the communication with companies for House preparation like decoration, furniture, architectural services ,,,,.

Regarding to renting and selling of real estates taken from turkey for investment. Also regarding to the evaluation on  the rental and selling of real estates taken from turkey for investment, you can visit our property management page to examine the services we provide in details.

big property agency sale process

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