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Turkey Citizenship with the acquisition of real estate in Turkey

A new law approved by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey in terms of acquisition of citizenship has entered into force and for the number about the citizenship to be taken when 1 million USD worth of real estate in Turkey is taken has been temporary reduced to 250,000 USD.

After taking citizenship, you will have all the rights such as residence and working in Turkey, in these matter as well we provide the most reliable service for you, through our legal counsels working with the largest companies in Turkey like coach holdings, by follow the whole process for you to ensure you get the citizenship in fastest way without problems.

Matters that should be considered by those who want to earn the citizenship by buying real estate in Turkey:

you need to purchase a real estate where you can buy directly from the title deed, which is primarily completed with construction and is ready for the deed  to be able to to gain citizenship by taking a real estate in Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Earning Turkey Citizenship with the acquisition of real estate in Turkey

Our team that let you get the most affordable real estate in the best projects in Turkey,by taking into account these and similar matters in the law by taking citizenship only if you want, will guide you to finished construction, and ready deed projects.

and by providing the best service for you, by taking apartment from this reliable projects in Turkey.

”How is Earning citizenship by taking real estate inTurkey is so much easier now?”

Our best real estate agents in Turkey, our legal counsel and financing staff is following all these processes professionally for you.

When the process is concluded and you get the right to gain the citizenship, you can reside, study, work and establish a company in Turkey.

You can  benefit from all life and business opportunities in Turkey much easier as becoming a Turkish citizen.


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