Property Purchase Turkey

Property Purchase Turkey

There are no differences in the purchase of housing from Turkey as in other countries. The process continues in the same way for all customers like the following steps.

First, begin with visiting the projects you are interesting in, and it ends when you have made your decision for choosing a suitable house for you.

Second, we make a reservation by your name by giving a small deposit.

Third, when everything are done well like what we mention we continuing by making an application for the deed transactions.

The important point here is the matter of the citizenship. If you have a request application for citizenship, you must mention it before the deed transaction because the transactions will be carried out in accordance with the nationality.

Finally, The real estate sale contract will be signed and the delivery date will be expected from the notary.

The attention we need to take on mind for the ongoing projects; is the price.

Property Purchase Turkey

Is it the actual price or is it expensive!

Can a developer complete the project? How is the financial situation of the firm? How is the debt situation? Is there any problem in the licensing of the project? Is the project eligible for bank credit? which banks they work? It can be very dangerous to buy from any project without a clear answer to these questions.

Note: A letter of conformity is received from the military for the title deed If there is no sale to any foreigner in the place where you will make a purchase. The average duration of this varies between 30-60 days.

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