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Sell your property in Turkey

Regarding the sale of your property in Turkey; our best real estate agents who specializes in resale in Turkey are primarily examine Istanbul real estate market analysis related to the region and project to determine the price of your apartment that day.

Examines the analysis of real estate competition in Istanbul.

Examines the price ladder of real estate in Istanbul.

Thus; the best real estate agents in Turkey in this direction offers a professional service by determining the price of your property in Turkey.

All costs that may arise related to the sale are calculated by our law and finance department, (regarding to the sale of your property in Turkey).

The primary principle of our brand is to protect you, we share with you the most accurate information on every subject and we will be with you throughout the process.

As Big Property Agency we always make sure you purchase the  best apartments in the best projects in Turkey with the most affordable prices .

we are serving professional services in the most intimate way, with our best real estate agents in Turkey.

Our brand marketing experience combines with the brand power in Turkey, markets your apartment as soon as possible and we easily sell it.

Our agents that sales your property in Turkey, analyze the real estate market in Turkey the most accurate way and regularly share customer feedback on the market with you about your apartment, transmits you incoming offers.

Each and every one of our agents takes special care and reports on actual movements related to the sales to our management on a daily basis.

 Regarding to the deed sale of your property sold in Turkey; first we organize all the paperwork for you then we will carry out the deed sale procedure duly in the smoothest way.


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