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We provide the best Property Management Turkey services

With Property Management Turkey, we are not leaving you after you buy the house in Turkey, with the most affordable price through us,

As a company that gives the best services of Property Management Turkey and with all processes of aftersale, we give you this service in the most professional way and this process ( Property Management Turkey ) starts with the delivery of the apartment.

Our staff are accompanying you and will receive the apartment together with you In the process of delivery of the apartment that you picked and chose among real estate projects in Turkey,

While our best real estate agents in Turkey accompanying you during the delivery, we will take notes by identifying all deficiencies on the apartment as a result we will provide you with feedback after contacting the company officials, therefore we will help completing these deficiencies and following up with this.

If the apartment received with missings such as cleaning, shoe cabinet, cloakroom, cupboard, etc… we can complete it for you with the most appropriate price provided with the approval of the price received giving you support, by follow-up and by photographing the completion of these deficiencies and sharing them with you continuously.

Also, our agents gives services with customer satisfaction and 100% of professionalism in every process, from making registration to the site management of people of the residential area in Turkey until the follow-up to the dues.

With Property Management Turkey If people who invest in real estate in Turkey will rent their apartments, our agent will take photos of the apartment they want to rent using professional camera as aresult of that, with these photos we will start the marketing activities for your apartment.

We start marketing activities both digitally and conventionally

The rent price we determined for the rent of your apartment in turkey is determined in the most accurate manner by market research.

With the Property Management Turkey we support you with the comfort we provide to all other customers, we rent your apartment in Turkey to trusted people as soon as possible and with the actual price even if you’re not in Turkey.

In determining the tenant candidates for your real estate in Turkey, and with the permission of the tenant candidate, first of all we will display and control the bank’s history and payment habits of the candidate.

All this information of the tenant candidate we will handle and take action for the renting process and if the profile of the person who wants to be a tenant is problem-free, we will rent it after havning your approval at the last stage.

After renting your apartment in Turkey, we will support you with all processes  and at the end of the contract of your current tenant, we will provide checking the time of the rent hike and tracking of the hike, reminding the owner of the apartment’s condition and all such transactions then in the following period, if the tenant wants to empty the apartment, finding a new tenant  and providing support for the follow-up of the process is also among our services. also in this regard, in order to avoid the victimization of the apartment owners, our company allows the notice to the tenant at least 3 months prior to evacuation the apartment and also finds the new tenant candidate in this 3-month period.


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