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The Cheapest Housing Projects

Istanbul which is the largest city in Turkey stands out as the richest one in the country in terms of housing projects. This city, where nearly 20 million people live, continues to prosper with housing projects constructed in the recent years and urban renewal projects. According to the real estate index, the district of Istanbul […]

2,611 foreign investors have became Turkish citizens in one year

According to data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs Population and Citizenship Affairs Department, 2,611 foreign investors have obtained the Turkish Citizenship during the last year since the application of the amendments on the Turkish Citizenship Law. The Iraqis headed the list of the foreign investors who became Turkish citizens. Also, foreign investors from many […]

turkish passport visa free countries

  After waiting for investors and those interested in the Turkish real estate and people aspiring to start a new life and obtain the Turkish passport and live and invest in Turkey, the executive regulation on the implementation of the law of granting the Turkish citizenship (Ministry of Environment and Urbanization).   The new Turkish […]

Best project with sea view in Istanbul

  If you love the luxury , tranquility and enjoy the landscapes, especially the sea in Istanbul, you are now reading about the best project with full sea view in the Zeytinburnu area in Istanbul ready to live immediately.   Property options in Istanbul vary according to the requirements of the client but when the […]

Is it time to buy a property in Turkey?

  At first we will talk about the real estate market situation in Turkey in 2018 and its impact on the changes of the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the US dollar and then we will talk about 2019 to compare the past to the present. In 2018, in August and September, the […]

Student residence in Turkey

  The idea of ​​studying in Turkey has many Arab and foreign students around the world, because the opportunity of education in Turkey is distinctive in its universities and is always fraught with advantages and temptations, and do not forget to mention that Turkey is now the first face of Arabs and foreigners, whether for […]

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